About the artwork

Richard Mosse

Thousands are Sailing I Birdland, North Kivu, eastern Congo Thousands are Sailing II The Enclave Tombstone Blues

Thousands are Sailing I

Edition 1/2 + 1 AP

Birdland, North Kivu, eastern Congo

Edition 1/2 + 1AP


Member of Mai Mai Yakutumba posing in a camouflage headdress made from foliage, near Fizi on Lake Tanganyika, South Kivu.

Thousands are Sailing II

Edition 1/2 + 1 AP

The Enclave

Edition 1/5 + 2 AP

Director & Producer: Richard Mosse
Cinematographer & Editor: Trevor Tweeten
Sound Design: Ben Frost
Production Assistant: John Holten
Colourist: Jerome Thelia
16-mm-Processing: Rocky Mountain Film Labs
16-mm-Scanning: Metropolis Film

Tombstone Blues

Edition 2/2 + 1 AP


Kanyaruchinya IDP camp, some ten miles north of Goma, was home to at least sixty thousand refugees, displaced by the M23 from their homes further north, in Rutshuru Territory. When M23 forces pushed south to take control of Goma, this camp was abruptly abandoned. Fleeing inhabitants stripped the makeshift huts of all their belongings, including the tarpaulin roofs. Many headed for Mugunga IDP camp, just west of Goma. Tragically, the front line quickly followed them only a few days later, and they were forced to flee once again.